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Find yourself in the Burren, along the Wild Atlantic Way, and explore places inaccessible by car or bus and have an adventure off the beaten track.

Immerse yourself in some of the most scenic and breathtaking landscapes in Ireland with our local guides.

We have tours for every skill level – ride and experience places as the locals do – with stunning single track and cross country trails – our tours are adventure at its best! 

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All Saints' Day Blessings to you all...ARAN OF THE SAINTSIt seems that the Christianity reached the Aran islands with Eanna or Enda around 500 d.C. The monasteries he founded followed rather strict rules, with a fierce regimen of prayer, instruction, austerity and mortification. It is said that Enda arrived to Arainn from Connemara on a stone boat, fact that aroused the pagan chief's (Corbam) anger. The same legend says that there are more than 100 saints buried near the monastery of Enda, fact that gives the islands the name of Aran of the Saints.+Teaghlach ÉinneVery little remains of the famous monastery of Enda since large part of stones of these buildings was used to construct the Arkin Castle in Cromwellian's age.The base of a round tower (the only one preserved on the islands), a holy well and two churches, Teaghlach Éinne and Teampall Bheanáin are the only buildings remained of this important monastic complex.The church of Enda is near the beach inside a cemetery. It's a small church without roof of rectangular shape. It was widened in XVII century for 3 meters towards the West using also fragments of some gravestones.In the altar of the church another tombstone has a carved Latin cross with a Latin and Irish inscription. The church is partially covered by the sand of the beach brought by the wind.During restorations other fragments of high crosses with carved images were discovered.+Teampall BheanáinThis very small Oratory on a hill that dominates Cill Éinne surely deserves a visit. It's probably dedicated to Saint Benignus, a disciple and successor of Patrick of Armagh.It's oriented according the North-South axis instead of the more common East-West perhaps because it was founded in a place particularly exposed to the fury of the wind. The construction dates back to XI century. There is a small window on the West side. For its reduced dimensions this building was probably the oratory of a hermit or a sacred place where was conserved the relics of Saint Benignus.+Teampall ChiaráinRuins of a church of medieval age of rectangular shape. In the outskirts there are some rests of a small construction of square shape and two gravestones with inscriptions to Northeast and Northwest of the church.One of these has a small hole and a legend tells that this stone had curative property: when a woman was ill, her clothes were passed through this hole and then worn hoping for a miracle. Other stories indicates instead that this stone had functions of meridian.In the surrounding fields other tombstones can be observed with cross-shaped inscriptions. North of the church, near the bay, a small hill marks the cemetery of Athárla. You can see very few things in this small cemetary: some stones sign the burial places of the unbaptized children.+Teampall AsurnaíThe ruins of this small church dedicated to Sourney, a Saint arrived to Aran from county Galway. To the east of the church the rests of a small rectangular building probably indicate the burial place of the Saint and is known like "St. Sourney' s Bed".Some gravestones with cross-shaped inscriptions are visible in the nearbye.+Teampall an Ceathrar ÁlainnChurch dating back to XV century and dedicated to the 4 Beautiful Saints: Fursey, missionary in Britain and Europe, Brendan of Birr, Conal and Bearchán of which we don't know anything.To the outside of the church, attached to the East side, a room contains 5 tombstones in the place that is thought was the burial place of the 4 Beautiful Saints: in the past people that had health disturbs usually slept in this place for some nights so that their own evils were cured.Few meters to the South-East of the church there is a small encircled holy well surrounded by a stone wall. It's called Tobar an Ceathrar Álainn and offerings of the faithful (medals, rosaries, buttons) are brought here even in recent times.John Millington Synge told that this holy well cured from blindness and epilepsy and that the son of a woman from Sligo regain his sight. This holy well inspired his work "The Well of the Saints".+Teampall MacDuagh e Teampall na NaomhIn the nearby of the archaeological site of Dún Aonghasa you can see two small churches. The largest, Teampall MacDuagh, is dedicated to Colmán MacDuagh that in the VI century founded one of the most important monastery of Connacht in Kilmacduagh.It has the characteristics of the primitive stone churches and the most ancient area dates back to the XI century. Many additions were made in the two following centuries and during the XV century.Over one of the stones near the Northwest corner presents a small bas-relief figure that represents the singular image of a horse with a small head, a long body and a horn over his head.To the West of the church a large gravestone with a Latin cross carved on a side and a Latin cross with a ring on the other.To the South-East of the church you can see the church of the saints Teampall na Naomh: there isn't any information on this simple oratory and only the inferior part of the walls can be seen today.+Na Seacht d'TeampaillIt's the most important monastic site of the islands and is situated in the nearby of the village of Eoghanacht. Despite the name there are only two churches (Teampall Bhreacáin and Teampall an Phoill) as the other buildings are simple rooms of the monks.On Brecan we have few informations mostly coming from some excerpts of a poem of the XV century about the life of the Saint: it seems that he reached Aran islands between the V and VI century and here he destroyed a pagan idol taking his name and converting the pagan Sanctuary to a Christian monastery.The church of Brecan is the largest building of the complex and is constituted by pieces added in many ages. In the inside there are some ancient inscriptions.The other church is of rectangular shape and is situated in the South-west area of the complex and dates back to XV-XVI century.The other buildings were probably used as houses for the monks.A small rectangular area probably signs the burial place of Brecan and here was find a fragment of a tombstone in which the name of the Saint is reported.Others gravestones were find in the whole area of the complex, with inscriptions that suggest the prayer for some persons and that probably were members of a prayerful circuit of various penitential stations that the faithfuls had to follow.In this area also some holy wells were discovered and many fragments of high crosses, dating back to the XII century, fine carved with geometric celtic designs and figures of the Christ placed side by side with human figures.+Cill CheannannachThese are the most important Christian ruins of the middle Island. This small church is situated near the bay to the East of the island.Inside the building there is a stone, probably part of a stone coffer, of triangular shape with a hole close to the base. This hole allowed the faithfuls to touch the relics of the Saint contained in the coffer.Very little are the rests of other monastic constructions on Inis Meáin and among these there are part of the foundations of Teampall na Sacht Mac Rí (the Church of the Seven sons of the King) and few ruins of Atharla Chinndeurge.+Árainn's Cenotaphs In the main island, along the road that goes from Cill Éinne to Eoghanacht, you can see 28 monumental cenotaphs dating back to the XVII-XIX century that commemorates some important families of these islands. Generally they formed by two carved stones facing the road and a small cross on the top.

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Burren Way Mountain Bike Tours Ireland shared Back on Track Mountain Bike Solutions's video. ... See MoreSee Less

Opening tomorrow...Freshly rebuild lower section of Y Mynydd downhill track at Cwmcarn.Cracking job by the Back On Track team, taking a classic design and giving it a new lease of life!Enjoy.....Cwmdown mtb uplifts Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru / Natural Resources Wales Mtb Ranger South Wales

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