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What to Bring

While we provide all the cycling equipment needed on our tours, here is a comprehensive list of what you need to bring on the day.

1) Dress for the weather, any weather! We recommend layers, with a light rain jacket over top. Wear comfortable bottoms, like shorts with leggings, hiking trousers or something fairly wind/rain/sun proof. Shoes are just as important. So wear something you normally wear to hike or walk in (as we will be doing some hiking as well).

2) Bring a small, light backpack. You don’t want to be bogged down with a heavy load on your back, so something just light enough to carry some snacks, sunscreen, camera, extra light clothes/hat etc.

3) Snacks are important, and you will want to bring water (we have water bottle holders on each bike), and extra fluids (whatever you like to drink when exercising – more water, energy drinks etc). You will also need to bring high energy snacks and fruit to keep your sugar levels stable. Energy bars are great and can be purchased in any large grocery store.

4) Sunscreen is something many travelers to Ireland forget about. While we might not get a lot of sun, when we do get it, it is hot and you can burn very easily. Not a good memory to take home…

5) Certainly bring a camera, or whatever device you use to take photos or videos! We will be showing you some amazing sights on our tours, and you won’t want to forget it!