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Who We Are

The Burren Way Mountain Bike Tours is based in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. Owned by Patrick O’Regan and his wife Kelly, we provide exciting guided cycling tours in the Burren region. We are passionate about our local area, and we are determined to give all our visitors a truly exhilarating Irish experience. Not only are we offering a thrilling way to see the Burren, but we also offer insight into the regions vast history and provide helpful travel tips to make your trip to Ireland unforgettable! So let us show you around!

Patrick O'Regan

Patrick O’Regan

Mountain Biking, Kayaking

Being an avid outdoorsman his entire life, Patrick has travelled the world on a surfboard, in the saddle of a bike and paddling a kayak to try to find new ways to explore different countries and cultures. Most recently he opened a small business in Doolin called North Clare Sea Kayaking. Building on his knowledge of the sea, of the area and of the sport, North Clare Sea Kayaking has been growing each year since its inception in June 2011.  Patrick’s experience and vast knowledge of local history and wild life is sure to provide all our clients with extraordinary memories to take home with them.

Kelly Humphries O'Regan

Kelly Humphries O’Regan

Mountain Biking, Kayaking

Growing up in the countryside in Canada, as a kid my bike was my main mode of transport and as I got older, cycling still gives me this sense of freedom, especially off-road and on my own. I travelled to Ireland to explore this little green island and now call it home. After meeting Patrick in Doolin, we set off to South America and back to Canada to explore new countries, cultures and ways to travel. Now we spend time traveling back and forth between Ireland and Canada (when we can) and this allows us the freedom to find new tracks and trails in both countries. Patrick and I make a good team, combining our decades of experience with our deep appreciation for nature and of Ireland itself. We hope that with this new venture into mountain biking, more and more visitors will come to our area and really see it and experience it for what it is; amazing!